How to use Cryptex Currency

Step 1 - Create a Cryptex account

Send an email to and request for creating an Cryptex account for transferring the money. The email has to be sent using the same email address with which the transferring user has created his / her account. If the email address doesn't match with the records in the existing account, the account will not be created. After successful verification of the details, the account will be created and username, password will be sent to the new user directly to his / her email address which was provided during registration.

After successful account creation and the user receives the username and password email from Cryptex, the user can log-in to his / her account using login button on the website.

For transferring money, the user have to write an email to with the Subject: Transfer of money. Provide the amount, and the email address of the person to whom the amount have to be transferred to. If the cryptex account exists, a payment invoice will be generated, and the money will be credited to the receivers account immediately. If the user doesn't have an account, money cannot be transferred, in which case, an account have to be created first, as mentioned in Step 1. Amount can be transferred in any currency. Please note that Cryptex Currency is not a central banking currency and doesn't exist in physical form. The money can only be transferred inside cryptex bank vault, using cryptex currency, and between cryptex accounts only. It is similar to Bitcoin, GooglePay, Paytm, Phonepay and other wallets. The only difference is that using GooglePay, Paytm, Phonepay, you can link to your bank account, whereas in Cryptex Bank, you cannot integrate to other banks due to security reasons. Please note that Cash cannot be withdrawn using Cryptex Currency because CryptexBlue Currency is a digital money and can only be transferred between cryptex wallets only.

Exchanging, Selling and Buying using CryptoCurrency is now legal in India.

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Important Milestones

Past 8 Years have been very exciting in the field of cryptocurrency and the coming 5 years are very crucial for the entire world where digital banks and digital wallets will lead the show. Today CryptexBlue is very proud to have achieved 9 Trillion market cap in June 2020 as compared to other crypto currencies of which the highest is at 6 Trillion USD, which in itself makes Cryptex Coins very special. Every owner of the CryptexBlue coin have tremendously contributed towards the CryptexBlue's success and we are thankful to each one of them.




Trillion USD