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Resale Policy

You own the coins, feel free to sell or exchange them!

CryptexBlue Coins once sold can be further resold by the coin holder. CryptexBlue coins can only be resold through CryptexBlue crypto platform only. However, if you want to encash it, you may transfer the coins through our portal to the buyer and get paid in cash.

Reselling is a good idea when you want to encash your coins but then only under the purview of law and ethics that you won't be reselling the coins for buying or selling drugs, armory, doing anything intentional or unintentional which may cause harm to the people, nature, country and other factors. CryptexBlue strongly condemns Money Laundering and if anyone found trading, exchanging and reselling CryptexBlue coins for Money Laundering purposes, the same will be reported to the Federal Agencies and every possible assistance will be provided to the authorities to stop such activities. Resale activity performed by the coin holder for anything unethical, the coin owner will be solely responsible and that CryptexBlue will not be held responsible whatsoever. For further clarification, you may read our Terms & Conditions

Selling and Buying anything using Cryptex Coin is now legal in Worldwide.

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