Breaking News: Wednesday July 01, 2020

CryptexBlue Does it Again

CryptexBlue Cryptocurrency hits record high.

CXB on the Rise. After a steep curve in the rise with dollar price on the charts, CryptexBlue hit record high of $1694 united states dollar on July 1, 2020. This is a signficant growth in the world of Cryptocurrency and for CryptexBlue too.

Account holders and traders of CryptexBlue cryptocoins celebrated with a huge shout-out at Mountainview, CA. The announcement came after the last transaction hit record high as compared to the last 24 months revenue growth. This brings CryptexBlue to a total current industry value of 10 Trillion USD. Huge Respect to all the supporters of CryptexBlue.

Breaking News: Wednesday March 04, 2020

Cryptex is Legal

Supreme Court of India declares Cryptocurrency as Legal.

In a landmark decision for the entire cryptocurrency industry, Supreme Court of India has permitted use of cryptocurrencies in India which was previously banned by Reserve Bank of India in 2018.

The apex court said the right to create something that doesn’t violate any existing rule is an unsaid fundamental law. Hence, citizens have the right to create a new industry of cryptocurrencies and exchanges along with the fundamental right to trade, it said. The bench also said that the central bank hadn’t demonstrated that trading in such currencies was damaging to the entities it regulated.

Judgement Copy

Selling and Buying anything using Cryptex Coin is now legal in India.

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