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Coins for Individuals

Convert your physical assets into digital currency. Exchange, buy, sell anything or just keep your future secure with CryptexBlue.

There are times when you want to have your money and valuables in your wallet stored securely at the same time, you wanting to grow its value. Thanks to CryptexBlue for paying in double in whatever you transact in.

For buy any selling anything, all you need to do is to exchange your coins of the value to the recepient party. What you pay for one, gets doubled for the receiver. For ex: you paid for one item you are buying, the seller receives payment for two items in place of one. That's how profitability works in Cryptex.


Exchanging, Selling and Buying using CryptoCurrency is now legal in India.

Want to convert your property, valuables, car and or cash into digital currency? Don't wait, before it gets too late!.

Cryptex Digital Currency Coins for


Coins for all currencies

Hassle free coin exchange for any commodity whether a property, cash, gold, car or even business

Easy and fast credit

Get your coins credited in just 5 minutes into your CryptexBlue Wallet.

No additional papers

Documents are required only for property, vehicle exchange. For cash and gold, no additional paperwork is required.

Secure financial services

Your transactions are safe and private with us. All your information is kept in a secure digital vault.

Best investments

Double income on every commodity exchange with CryptexBlue. Guaranteed future high returns on resale.

One source Transaction

Coins are purchased and sold only through CryptexBlue. Personal transactions are impossible hence highly secure.

Bold, Powerful and Beyond

Important Milestones

Past 8 Years have been very exciting in the field of cryptocurrency and the coming 5 years are very crucial for the entire world where digital banks and digital wallets will lead the show. Today CryptexBlue is very proud to have achieved 9 Trillion market cap in June 2020 as compared to other crypto currencies of which the highest is at 6 Trillion USD, which in itself makes Cryptex Coins very special. Every owner of the CryptexBlue coin have tremendously contributed towards the CryptexBlue's success and we are thankful to each one of them.




Trillion USD