World's Most Expensive

CXB is Cryptex

CryptexBlue is a Digital Currency Exchange which is a combination of Cryptic Vault + Crypto Currency.

CryptexBlue [TRADE CODE: CXB] is the world's most expensive, successful and ever growing crypto currency traded in the entire world. CryptexBlue started as a nebula with trade code Crypter7 in 2012 and later it became public and highly traded currency in the entire world. Cryptex Digital Currency is offered in many flavours such as CryptexBlue™, CryptexBlue+™ CryptexBlue&trade Diamond;, CryptexBlue™ Diamond+, CryptexBlue™ Premium, CryptexBlue™ Premium+, CryptexBlue™ Platinum, CryptexBlue™ Platinum+ which are traded in countries of their offering.

With the ever growing price of CryptexBlue™ from 13 USD in 2012 to 12563 USD in 2020 is the proof of success story it has created world wide. Whether individuals or businesses, people from every background; trade using CryptexBlue™. Cryptocurrencies have been widely criticised by privacy advocates but that didn't stop the growth and power of Cryptex which makes CryptexBlue Digital Currency special. Now with the Supreme Court of India removing ban in India for exchanging, buying and selling using Cryptocurrencies, CryptexBlue™ will sour high in the next 5 Years. Read our news section to know more.

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Bold, Powerful and Beyond

Important Milestones

Past 8 Years have been very exciting in the field of cryptocurrency and the coming 5 years are very crucial for the entire world where digital banks and digital wallets will lead the show. Today CryptexBlue is very proud to have achieved 9 Trillion market cap in June 2020 as compared to other crypto currencies of which the highest is at 6 Trillion USD, which in itself makes Cryptex Coins very special. Every owner of the CryptexBlue coin have tremendously contributed towards the CryptexBlue's success and we are thankful to each one of them.




Trillion USD



Exchanging, Buying and Selling using CryptoCurrency is legal in India.

Want to convert your property, valuables, car and or cash into digital currency? Don't wait, before it gets too late!.