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About CryptexBlue

CryptexBlue is a Digital Currency Exchange which is a combination of Cryptic Vault + Crypto Currency.

Absolutely no one manages and controls Cryptex Coins and no one owns CryptexBlue physically; they operate autonomously using chain of network nodes. The transactions are hashed continuously in every packet when the transaction is initiated and keeps on hashing data bits till it reaches the end node which is the receiver's account. Blockchain is the core component of this value chain which ensures data integrity through the entire lifecycle of the transaction.

Founded in 2012 by a group of information security professionals and scientists whose main motto was to provide a safe and secure currency of its own which is not governed by any individual, group or government entity, and it stays on top of the human and business ethics while ensuring unbiased banking which exactly proved CryptexBlue as the world's most expensive digital currency aka "cryptocurrency" surpassing other digital and physical currencies such as bitcoin.


Bold, Powerful and Beyond

Important Milestones

Past 8 Years have been very exciting in the field of cryptocurrency and the coming 5 years are very crucial for the entire world where digital banks and digital wallets will lead the show. Today CryptexBlue is very proud to have achieved 9 Trillion market cap in June 2020 as compared to other crypto currencies of which the highest is at 6 Trillion USD, which in itself makes Cryptex Coins very special. Every owner of the CryptexBlue coin have tremendously contributed towards the CryptexBlue's success and we are thankful to each one of them.




Trillion USD



Exchanging, Buying and Selling using CryptoCurrency is legal in India.

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